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Coppin-Rosemont Initiative

There is more good news regarding Coppin State College's Takeover of Neighborhood Elementary School. Coppin's attempt to improve the academic performance of this underachieving school will be the subject of a CBS Sunday Morning News story and a Time Magazine story. CBS News Television crews filmed the staff development workshops for Rosemont Elementary School Faculty and other aspects of the program.

During a segment initiated by CBS News Senior Producer Brian Healy, plans for filming a story about this College's takeover of an underfunded, low performing elementary school were shown. According to Healy, "This story, an example of one of the few times a College had initiated totally revamping a school, had to be told. It is a unique venture."

Mr. Healy, a veteran producer with CBS News, became very interested in the Coppin - Rosemont relationship, when he read a Baltimore Sun news article by Mike Bowler about Coppin’s takeover of Rosemont Elementary.

Emmy Award winning Correspondent Martha Teichner anchored the report. In addition to the many fine things that Coppin is doing at Rosemont Elementary, Healy cited the bravery of Coppin State College in initiating this undertaking.

TIME Magazine’s article was very much the same. Coppin was sited as a different kind of “Charter” arrangement. Additionally, Coppin State has worked closely with the Baltimore Teachers Union to ensure the input of the Union, its teachers and paraprofessionals.

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